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Health and social care

With health and care systems around the globe facing increasing pressures, the use of digital technology has never been more important. Supporting a vibrant ecosystem with the potential to become a world leader, techUK is helping its members navigate the complex space of digital health in the UK and ensure our NHS is prepared for the challenges of the future.

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techUK publishes Ten Point Plan for Healthtech to accelerate the digitisation of the health and care sector

In collaboration with techUK members, healthtech companies, and drawing on the techUK Health and Social Care team and Council’s work with representatives across NHSX, NHS Digital, the Professional Record Standards Body, INTEROPen, Health Education England, the NHS Digital Academy, the Shuri Network and more, the report reinforces the importance of working collaboratively with industry to build a world-leading digital health and care service.

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Health and Social Care Council

The Council’s priorities are informed by techUK’s Ten Point Plan for Healthtech, a report which sets out recommendations for public sector stakeholders to accelerate the digitisation of the health and care sector. The Council is currently led by Andreas Haimboeck-Tichy, Shane Tickell, and Victoria Betton, and includes representatives from the following members:

Social Care Working Group

The Working Group acts a neutral forum for knowledge exchange across the supplier base and for public sector stakeholders to engage with the market. While identifying common challenges and solutions and offering the opportunity to leverage synergies to partner as often an ecosystem approach is needed to solve a problem.

Interoperability Working Group

The Interoperability Working Group exists to unleash the possibilities of joined up health and care data. As part of our ongoing programme of work, this group operates closely with organisations such as NHSX, NHS Digital, INTEROPen and the PRSB to ensure that industry is represented when interoperability standards are discussed or being implemented.

Healthcare Group

techUK members can keep in touch or get involved in our work by joining this group, and stay up to date with the latest events and opportunities in the health programme.

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