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Innovation and R&D

Innovation and R&D are key to the success of the UK tech sector. The tech sector sits at the fulcrum where researchers develop their ideas into new digital products and high innovation and disruptive firms. techUK works with researchers, government and industry to ensure a dynamic interplay between the UK's research and innovation sectors and tech businesses to support our ambition to see the UK become a natural home for the innovators and disruptors of the future.

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techUK on the roadmap to making the UK a science and innovation superpower

In July 2020 the UK Government published its R&D roadmap to make the UK a science and innovation superpower. To help meet that ambition techUK has launched a series of blogs featuring insights from us and our members exploring how we get there and what our priorities should be as we. You can read our series, tales from the road to making the UK a science and tech superpower at the link below.

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Latest innovation and R&D insights and reports

techUK launches landmark report on the future of the UK’s digital twin ecosystem

As the UK looks to respond, adapt, and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, urgent, sustained, and collective action will be needed to reignite different layers of our economy and society.

UK Government announces the creation of ARIA, the High Risk, High Reward Research Agency

The Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA), will be a new independent research body to fund potentially transformational scientific research

Are R&D Tax Credits for Cloud and Data Analytics Getting Closer?

Why is this change so important, why does it matter and if it does happen what could this change actual mean?

The future of business transformation is at the Edge – Making it happen in the UK

In our latest podcast, techUK’s tech and innovation programme explores the role and impact of Edge Computing in business transformation in 2021 and beyond.

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All techUK's work is led by our members - keep in touch or get involved by joining one of the programmes below

Tech and Innovation

techUK’s Technology and Innovation Programme explores key transformative technologies driving the UK’s digital economy, society and Industry 4.0 including AI, digital identity, cloud, data analytics and emerging technologies such as quantum and RPA. By exploring the convergence of technologies and identifying opportunities to drive adoption and deployment and conducting horizon scanning to identify future technology trends it ensures techUK remains relevant as the technology industry evolves.

Policy and Public Affairs

techUK's policy and public affairs function makes the case to government and policymakers across Westminster, Whitehall, Brussels and the devolved nations on the most pressing issues facing businesses and the tech sector.

Innovation Policy Steering Group

techUK’s Innovation Policy Steering Group brings together members with expertise in the development and deployment of new technologies, with public policy professionals and key stakeholders. Its aim is to identify and develop coherent and relevant innovation policy asks that ensures the UK remains a competitive leader in tech innovation, R&D and the commercialisation of future technologies that are set to have transformative effects across the UK’s economy and society.

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Our members develop strong networks, build meaningful partnerships and grow their businesses as we all work together to create a thriving environment where industry, government and stakeholders come together to realise the positive outcomes tech can deliver.

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